Why Pay More for Diapers?

Is your baby a Huggies baby? What about a Pampers baby? 

Well for this coming up diaper sale it won’t matter!!

I’m the mom that waits for diaper sales to come around, divides out the cost with the number of diapers I am getting to see which is cheapest and then I stock up.

Don’t worry I’m not telling you about this sale today and you only have today. It doesn’t start until 10/08 and ends 10/14.

Where? Babies and Toys R Us. (Yes I have heard about them filing for bankruptcy.. from what I have heard they are still going to be open for business.) **In-store only**

What’s the “deal”? When you buy 2 jumbo boxes of diapers at $42.99 you will receive a $30 dollar gift card to spend on anything!!!

For us, we are in size 2. The cost of two boxes is 85.98 – 30.00 gift card = 55.98/480 diapers I will be paying .12 cents a diaper. If they weren’t giving the gift card it would be like paying .18 cents a diaper.

It all adds up! So, I felt I had to share with other mommies out there.

So, tell me.. I’m curious! Is your baby a Huggies or Pampers baby? Something different? 

And how sad are you about the bankruptcy for the chain?

Diaper sale

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