What’s in your Diaper Bag?

I’m sure you have all seen that commercial before, the one where they open with mom packing for outing with her first baby then they skip to mom leaving the house with second baby. The first baby she has everything under the sun all piled up next to the door trying to figure out how she’s going to carry it all. The second baby she’s grabbing a handful of some sort of snack and nothing else!

Well neither is truly realistic! So, what does need to go in your diaper bag?

For me, I prefer the diaper backpack. It feels more comfortable to carry and isn’t so hard on my shoulders.

Now to what’s on the inside:

  • Of course you need some diapers, depending on the length of your outing. Personally I usually stick about 5 in there, you never know when you might have a blow out.
  • Clothes, you should always keep a back-up outfit. For my daughter I usually leave 3 outfits in there. For Dylan, my son, he’s 5 so in his backpack I put 1 change of clothes. (You never know when he might spill something or get dirty.)
  • Wipes, I keep a travel package. (Yes, even for my son. They are great for cleaning dirty hands.)
  • Changing pad, I don’t like laying my daughter on the ones in the restroom. They never have the liners and to an extent I’m a germaphobe.
  • Umbrella, yes I truly keep a smaller personal umbrella. I hate walking in somewhere and when you go to walk out it’s pouring.
  • Medicines, I usually carry some gas drops and Tylenol. All I can say is, better safe than sorry.
  • Toys, I don’t pack anything too big but I usually put 3 or so small toys to keep her entertained. For Dylan, he usually brings his I-Pad to play on for while I nurse his sister and such.
  • Blanket, just a small little one. Sometimes places are a little chilly inside.
  • Bottles, of course if you are bottle feeding you will need a few of these along with the formula you are using. If you are nursing then possibly a nursing cover. (My daughter HATES when I use a cover so I usually end up somewhere private or in my car before I go in.
  • Snacks, when your little one starts eating. Little finger snacks, possibly a sippy cup of water and a container of baby food. For my son, I bring a bag of random little snacks that he usually picks out before we leave the house, and something to drink.
  • Lastly, if you are like me, I do not carry a purse. I can’t imagine carrying her diaper backpack and a purse. So also in her backpack is my wallet and then a small cosmetic bag where I keep things I might need for myself.

This is usually all we end up needing to get us through even a day of errands.

What else do you put in your bag?

Bag or backpack?

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