Must Have Baby Products

Whether you are creating your baby registry or walking around Babies R Us your first though usually is.. “What out of all of this must I have?”

It’s overwhelming all of the baby products they have now, they all look so “neat” and then you think.. “Will I really use this? Do I need it?”

Here are some of my “Must Haves”

boppyThe Boppy Pillow, with my daughter I breastfed and this has been a LIFESAVER! I use this many times a day. And now that she is getting bigger I’m propping her up in it to help her sit.

rock n playAhhhh it’s The Rock n Play! I will admit we used this nightly for the first few months. I know several parents will tell you not to, but there comes a point where you have to get sleep. Haha. This particular one will connect with your smart phone so you can turn on the rocking motion or music from your phone. There are 2 rocking speeds and 3-4 different types of music. They even have Rock n Play’s now that have a projector.

music playerSkip Hop Owl – I know for both my daughter and son a music player was a definite Must Have! They couldn’t stand the silence and needed a little white noise. The Skip Hop Owl have several different music options, a projection of stars and a timer option for it to turn off after a period of time. Plus it works great as a night light for when you get up to check on your little one and don’t want to wake them.

swaddlemeSwaddleMe – So, think about it. Before your little one is born they have only known the inside of your tummy. Which as they grew only got smaller and tighter. The SwaddleMe is like creating that small tight cuddled up feeling they are used to. I honestly used mine until my little one could roll over. Then we had to move on. They do make transitional swaddles when it comes that time. For me, I weighted the pros and cons.. was it worth months of sleep and a few nights of fussing transition, YES!

Of course ladies this isn’t EVERYTHING you will need. These were just a few items I know I couldn’t have lived without.

Looking back, what were your “Must Haves?”

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