Dear Friday, We Love You!

Admit it, when you woke up this morning and realized it’s Friday you wanted to break out into your Steve Urkel dance didn’t you?

Steve UrkelThat’s usually my first thought followed by.. What can we do as a family this weekend that would be fun?

Step One: You check the calendar, nope, no birthday parties! *Check*

Here are a few of my “Go-to Ideas” :

  • I live in a smaller community so I always like to check and see locally if there are any festivals going on. A lot of the times they will have jumpy houses for kids and little booths set up.
  • It’s going to start getting nice out and I love spending time outside. So here pretty soon we will be living at the park. My son could stay all day!
  • Bowling, it’s a great indoor activity. And what kid doesn’t love chunking the bowling ball down the lane? Haha.
  • Indoor play parks: They are gaining momentum in popularity with families mostly because they are indoor! We have several around us. You pay a flat fee to get in and can stay all day. They usually have trampolines, ball pits and so on.
  • Museum, the Children’s Museum is also a great one. They have little activity centers, craft tables and lots of room to run around.

What are your weekend “Go-to” Activities?




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