The Red Balloon

So let me first say it has been a long day!

My oldest had some dental work done first thing this morning and the poor little man has been a bit of a grump. My daughter has spent most of her day fussing, crying, screaming.. you name it!

Needless to say this mommy could not be happier to crawl into bed!

Here I lay, doing the usual, propped up spending my 5-10 minutes scrolling through Facebook, playing Yahtzee on my phone, talking with my husband just winding down. The room is pretty much pitch black besides the light of my phone. I look up and something catches my eye.. I freeze! Whatever it is it’s MOVING! All within moments I’m thinking what in the hell is in the room and WHY hasn’t Coco “said” anything?

Then it hits me… it’s the balloon! Dylan got a balloon today from the dentist for being my trooper and it ended up in here!

Fight or flight, ready to throw punches and kick ass all to find out… it was just the red balloon!

It’s okay, you can laugh at me. I sure did. : )

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