Back in my Day….

I am certain every generation thinks this about the next. It’s come to be a part of life.

For my generation, we didn’t listen to vinyl records wear massive bell bottom pants or drive around in a station wagon.

My kids won’t watch Disney movies on VHS, carry around a boom box or CD player so you can listen to your music or write your friends notes, fold them up into different shapes and pass them in class.

The one thing each generation can agree with the next on is playing outside. I was fortunate enough to grow up on a cul-de-sac with at least 9 other kids. And we all lived outside! We rode bikes, roller skated, played on scooters, drew with chalk, jumped rope and played skip-it.

This is my plea to all my fellow moms and dads – Get your kids outside!! 

We won’t be able to pick their friends, pick their music or the clothes they wear. (Because admit it, we wore skirts that were a little to short, jeans a little too tight and t-shirts with inappropriate sayings with pants that hung down below our butt all of which our parents hated. And now we will think the same of our children.)

Make a difference while you can – go outside – play soccer, throw the ball, ride bikes, go for a walk, build a fire, have a picnic and enjoy a little fresh air and sunshine!

back in my day

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