Choo Choo!!

I can fully admit as a parent there a few toys that I have purchased for my son that he thought he couldn’t live without at the time. Where are they now you ask? Well of course lost somewhere in his room or already sold in a garage sale.

The one toy that has made it through years of play and years to come.. train tracks! He got his first train table when he was two, it is still in his room today. Although, most of our train track masterpieces are now spread out all over the floor and they stay for days!

I know they can be expensive, but if you are contemplating the purchase I would say it would be a definite “Yes!” from me.

They are hours of entertainment, timeless and they make for good birthday and Christmas presents family and friends can buy. (Extra track pieces, trains, bridges. And most all wooden train tracks will work together.)

train tableNow of course they don’t still sell the exact table from when my son was 2. But this is pretty much it, same number of pieces, bridges, trains and so on.

Toys R Us Train Table

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