I Survived!!

Last night was a nightmare, and my body is “feeling it” today!

It was 10:30 my son was passed out beside me – he had decided he wanted to sleep with Mommy. My daughter was in her pack-n-play next to the bed. I was finally starting to close my eyes knowing my babies were tucked in and sound asleep. (Coco included).

That’s when it all started, Macee had been congested all day and I could hear her breathing. She woke up fussing. I tried to wait her out a little but she wasn’t giving up. I got up, fed her, changed her and tried to lay her back down. Nope. Picked her up again and laid her next to me. She was out!

She slept that way until 3, at 3 she woke up fussing again. (At this point my sons feet were pressed into my back.) So….. I changed her, fed her and laid her back down. Nope. Picked her up and laid her next to me, for a solid 5 minutes she stared at me! I honestly thought she wasn’t going to go back to sleep. She did though, thank goodness!

Before I knew it Dylan was hovered over me, “Mommy is it morning time yet?” I didn’t even have to look at the clock. There was the slightest light coming through the window. I knew it was at least 6 and time to put the coffee maker to work!!

I will say, Macee does usually sleep through the night no problems. (Thank goodness!) And we don’t typically co-sleep.

Thankfully Nana and Pops don’t live far – so Dylan spent time playing at their house today and I was able to focus on Macee.

**Fingers crossed for a restful night.**

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