A Little More About Me.

Of course my life hasn’t “gone to plan” or followed the “check list” I imagined for myself.

I never finished college.. after 3 semesters I decided to quit wasting my parents money and join the workforce!

I married my first husband in 2010 we had our son in 2012. After several struggles we divorced in 2015. As co-parents we do pretty well most days. I know for me, I remind myself regularly that we have to keep our son the priority in all conversations. It’s most important for him to see his parents get along and that we both love him.

During our divorce process I met my current husband. In 2016 we got engaged. Yes we moved quickly.. we both had been married before and knew what we were looking for in a partner. He is truly my bestfriend. Now that doesn’t mean we don’t fight.. because we do! In August of 2016 we found out we were pregnant with our daughter. After negative pregnancy tests and my obgyn thinking I possibly had a benign brain tumor we found out a little someone was growing in my tummy. With all of that we moved around or wedding plans and got married in October.

In April I had Macee and went on maternity leave. When I returned to work in August after 7 years of employment the company I was working for fired me upon my arrival back. So, no time like the present.. my husband and I decided we would find a way to make it all work and allow me the opportunity to focus fully on being a mommy. I’m loving it!

When life gets you lemons… make lemonade!!!

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10 thoughts on “A Little More About Me.

    1. Yes, it’s already been quite the life! When my ex-husband and I split we were civil with each other about it. Fortunately it did not get ugly. But it certainly wasn’t fun either lol. In a lot of ways my husband now helped me through it being my friend and supporting me as much as he could.

        1. It’s totally okay. So, shortly after having our son my ex husband lost his job. He stayed home for a while.. but he just fell apart. He didn’t help around the house, couldn’t handle keeping Dylan during the day (so he was still going to daycare), he wasn’t being a husband.
          After trying and talking with him and it getting bad I asked for the fourth time for a divorce. And he finally agreed.
          I guess we fell out of love because of the stress.

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