Yet Another Ear Infection

My son has had a rough go in the ear department starting when he was a baby. After several (roughly 6) months of back to back ear infections his doctor finally said, “Okay, that’s enough he needs tubes!” Those lasted a few years and then BAM there he was with another ear infection. After visiting his doctor he said we needed to see the ENT again about tubes and that his tonsils looked large.

We took him to a different ENT this time (we had a horrible office experience with the last place) and they got him right in. They confirmed that one tube had been blocked and the other was falling out. At that point he said he would recommend removing the tonsils also, they were a little on the large side and looked as though they had had repeat infections in them. We went forward doing what the ENT recommended and got him taken care of.

Fast forward to yesterday – Dylan had mentioned about 2 days prior that his ear felt funny and then never said another word about it. Then the day before yesterday he started with the drainage coming out of it. I got him in yesterday to see his doctor and *drum roll* he has an ear infection! The tube on the one side has fallen out and no longer allowing fluid to leave the inner ear. His doctor said if he has anymore infections then we might be looking at tubes again in our future.

My poor little man can’t seem to catch a break.

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