Freebie Friday

I know what you’re thinking.. “Nothing is free anymore!”

I am here to tell you my friend, you are in fact wrong! Sorry, not sorry.

The last few Friday’s these are the free things I got:

  • Yogurt (yummy!)
  • Trident Gum
  • Coffee Drink (yes it really was good)
  • Oreo Candy Bar

You want to know how?

It’s really simple guys, I shop at Kroger. No, you don’t have to buy all your groceries there to get the freebie. I have their app downloaded and every Friday I “download” the Friday freebie to my card. I then have a week to go in and get it. That easy!

I do however do most of my shopping there. Prior to Kroger I would go to Wal-Mart – and ya know.. spend too much money buying everything else they carry haha. To save as much as possible I shop mainly off of whatever Kroger has on sale and that keeps me from spending too much. An added bonus.. when you shop there you also get fuel points. Dollar for dollar. At the end of the month however many fuel points you have can get you money off your gas. I.E. you spend lets say 500.00 this month in groceries. You have the full month of November to use your .50 cents off a gallon.

They also have digital coupons on the app that you can “download” to your Kroger card and use along with any coupons you may have.

It doesn’t seem like much, but I am of the mindset that every little bit adds up!

What are your grocery money-saving tips?


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