Allergy Solution Must-Have

Don’t get me wrong, I love fall weather but the allergies that come along with fall don’t like me! Everyone here at home has the sniffles and can’t breathe. We have a box of tissues in nearly every room and it stays that way from here on out.

My son started having serious breathing issues around 6 months of age. After 3 weeks of weekly doctor visits we ended up doing a chest x-ray to find out he had walking phenomena. After that it was repeat upper-respiratory infections that would require breathing treatments, an inhaler, usually a steroid and an antibiotic. During all of that we invested in a humidifier.

What does a humidifier do?

It puts moisture back into the air to keep your air ways from becoming too dry. It really helped with his night-time coughing and wheezing.

Which one did I get?

So there are a TON of different humidifiers on the market. You can spend anywhere from 40-100 or more on one. Heck Dyson makes one that’s somewhere in the 300-600 dollar range. (No, I would not spend that much on a humidifier. Crazy!) I ended up picking out a Vicks Filter Free Humidifier.

Why Vicks?

I prefer to be able to put theĀ vapo-pads on the side – when allergies are at their worst it’s nice to have the added relief. Most of the others do not have this feature and they are not set up to allow you to add oils to the water.

I do highly recommend while it does not require a filter you do place a smallĀ in tank filter to keep the gunk from building up. And definitely follow their recommendations on cleaning. A dirty humidifier will only cause more bacteria in the air and the product will not last you as long. (Trust me – this is from personal experience.)

Because nearly everyone in our family either suffers from allergies or asthma a humidifier has been a must-have and a lifesaver!


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