Best Baby App… Ever!

I remember being in the hospital with both of my babies and every few hours a nurse comes in and asks you, “When did they eat last?” “When did you change their diaper last? Wet, dry or dirty?” What you really want to say to them is, “Look at me, my hair is a mess, I stink, my boobs hurt, I’m hot then cold and all I can say is… he/she is taken care of!”

For me I couldn’t imagine those first few days or even first few months without my Baby App on my phone. It allowed me to track diapers, feedings, length of feedings, sleep, growth, milestones, you name it.. it will track it!

Another awesome feature is being able to set an alarm. If you have your little one on a strict routine you are able to set an alarm through the app to make sure you feed, change diapers or wake up from naps on time.

It keeps all of the information in a journal format too – so when you start to wonder how long has it been since he/she went “#2” you can tell.

I am a firm believer in using an app to keep sanity.

The one I use is called Baby Tracker.

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