Should We Immunize our Children?

I will start out by saying 2 things –

One – I live in the United States and I am unsure of what other countries do as far as immunizations go. I do know however there are a lot of countries that do not have the same resources as we do here and wish they did.

Two – I am about to take a stand on a very touchy topic for a lot of parents out there. I realize I will probably upset and spark feelings one way or another with this blog. Please know I am open to discussion both for and against immunizations for children.

Yes, I am pro-immunizations for children. My daughter turned 6 months just a few days ago and we will be leaving the house shortly for her check-up that will include booster shots for her.

Don’t get me wrong, I am like any other parent and hate to see my baby sad. The tears that come after the shots kill me. However, as a parent I would never forgive myself if my child were to become ill lets say whooping-cough or measles and I could have prevented her from that hurt.

Time Magazine posted an article just in 2014 with updates in the article for 2017 stating 4 Diseases Making a Comeback. Why you ask? Because there a lot of parents deciding not to vaccinate their children.

WebMD, which I know a ton of people use for day-to-day medical concerns also published a slide show showing several different Diseases Coming Back.

The CDC has also published on two different diseases Mumps and Measles outbreaks in 2017.

Diseases that were once considered to be under control are no longer under that status. There are a lot of parents today that feel their children do not need these vaccinations and that is better to no have them. I believe in your rights as a parent to do what you feel is best for you child and your family. I do not however agree completely with this. When I make the choice as a parent to not allow my child to “do this” or “go here” it’s not a health risk to the general public.

Please know the risks associated with not vaccinating your children. To ensure you are making the best possible choice.

I will continue to vaccinate my children – with their best interest at heart and mind.


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