The Diary of a Stay at Home Mom

You see her in the grocery store on a weekday as your hurrying in to get something to eat for lunch, or at Chick-fil-A with her kids during the week and you think to yourself.. “Must be nice. Wish I could do that. It’s gotta be better than working a full-time job and doing all the things at home, and it’s gotta be easier. Would be nice to be ‘here’ on a weekday.” Then you find yourself judging her mostly because you’re a little envious.

It’s okay, I was there too roughly a year ago. I went on maternity leave when I had my daughter in April and more or less never returned to work. (Find out a little more about that inĀ A Little More About Me.) But I was that mom glaring at the SAHM moms around me.

I promise you though, it is not all sunshine and rainbows. I’m sitting here now writing this blog, trying to eat a little dinner all while my adorable high needs baby screams at me because I am not holding her. (Mind you, she has only been in her jumparoo for about 5 minutes.)

My house is never clean.

There is always a dish in the sink. And who knows how long it’s been there.

Toys on the floor.

Clothes in the hamper.

A toilet to be scrubbed.

My bed does not get made every day.

I don’t take naps daily.

My kids and I do not sit at the table with arts and crafts all around us while we sing songs and the cookies bake in the oven.

I don’t always have manicured nails and highlights.. I don’t live in a salon. To be honest I think the last pedicure I had was before my daughter was born when my son was with his dad. I could really use an eyebrow wax.

My outing to Chick-fil-A is to keep me sane. Any outing really.. just to get me and the kids out of the house and a change of scenery.

Most importantly, no, I am not a perfect mom. Staying home with my kids doesn’t mean we do all the things that I had wished for time to do before. Because in place of work is just more work to be done at home. Being a SAHM is not for the weak, lazy or weary.

I promise when I lay down at night, I am just as tired as you.

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