Verse of the Day

No, I was not raised in church, we did not go during the week and every Sunday. I will tell you, we said grace each night at dinner and thanked God. I said a prayer each night before bed and talked to him as I fell asleep. And, I still do these things.

I believe you do not have to go to church to believe in God or to be close to him. I may not do things the “right way” but, who are we to judge how another choses to believe and worship. Right?

I have a Bible App on my phone that I receive a verse of the day each day. You can create plans for yourself and join groups. It has been wonderful for me and I love it!


bible app
This is the Bible App I have downloaded to my phone. I am not sure if the image is different for other devices. 


Here was my verse for today – I wanted to share it with y’all because it really meant something to me. When we feel lost, and our anxiety seems to much to bear this verse reminds me to look to the Lord.

I chose to believe nothing in life is ever easy and that we stubble and fall but that there is a larger picture. And even though we may not see it He does.


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