First ER Visit

Our first ER visit with my son was when he was a baby. He had woken up around 11pm one evening with the worst cough I had ever heard. It was this sound like he was gasping for breath followed by uncontrollable coughing. (Like a 90-year-old who had smoked 2 packs everyday since they were old enough to buy cigarettes.)

With his previous respiratory infections requiring steroids, antibiotics and such I immediately went into panic mode. Being that I was a new mom, I called my mom who was able to come right over. Within minutes of being there she agreed that he needed to go to the ER. So, we all packed up in the car and rushed him to the ER. Of course on the way we got pulled over (yes, my then husband was speeding) the police officer was honestly very nice and let us get right back on the road.

When we got there they started taking my sons vitals (which confirmed he was running a high fever) they gave him some Tylenol and then asked us to have a seat. It took what seemed like forever. Other people went in and we waited….

Come to find out Dylan had croup. Which of course is one of those where they don’t truly do anything. They said to keep an eye on him, give him meds for the fever and it would pass.

I ended up following up with his pediatrician anyways because as a mommy I needed that reassurance.

When my babies are sick I feel so helpless because I can’t just take it away for them. As a mommy that’s all I want to do!

Anyone else have an ER story? Or have any of your babies had croup?

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