Jealous of my Kids Toys

Am I alone on this?

Are you not jealous of these toys kids have today?

Like, I am pretty sure I have just as much fun as my son when we go to the toy store. (Except of course, I pay the bill now hahaha.)

When I found out my husband and I were going to have a little girl.. my thoughts in this order..

  • Yay a little girl!
  • OMG the adorable clothes.
  • Wait wait.. OMG hair bows!!!!
  • Oh no wait wait wait…. the toys! Dolls, babies, playing kitchen, an easy bake oven (I wonder what all you can make with those babies now?)

Go ahead, laugh. Because these were my thoughts and they happened to be said out loud because that’s just how I am and it was followed by my husband looking at me like I had lost my mind and then laughed at me.

Of course I get more excited about the girl toys because well.. I’m a girl. Duh! But I do enjoy playing Legos, Hot Wheels and board games with my son. Boys are just so darn rough. **And by the way, yes it really hurts to step on Legos without shoes on.. but it also hurts like hell to step on Magic Tracks without shoes.**

With boys the cars don’t just race around, they CRASH into each other (with lots of sound effects) and there is always a “bad guy” and he does “this and that” to the good guys. Then all the “good guys” gang up on the “bad guy” and they get him!!

And oh boy does he love to rough house! When I see him playing with my dad it honestly scares me.. I worry he is being too rough. They full force will play Ninja Turtles and “chop” each other. He is such a boy!

What toys are you jealous of that your kids have? Or that you have seen in a toy store?

Don’t worry.. this is a judge free zone – it’s okay to get a little excited about toys. : )

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