Hurricane Relief $$ Story

As you know there have been 3 major hurricanes to hit the Southern states here recently, Harvey, Irma and Maria. All causing massive amounts of damage that will take months and years for these states to rebuild.

There have been concerts put on by groups of performers as well was individual performers. Even JJ Watt of the Houston Texas raised a total of $37,132,057. While that is impressive and a definite “Way to go JJ!!” moment. I heard something this morning on the radio that put a smile on my face.

In the great state of Texas the Texas Department of Criminal Justice announced that it’s inmates had donated some of what would have been their commissary money to donate to hurricane relief efforts. A total of 6,600 inmates donating anywhere from $1 – $8 dollars raised a total of $53,000!

This is a feel good moment – while yes, they are in prison and I’m sure deserve to be there, that they are also standing up to help rebuild their city.

Have a Happy Monday!

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