The Best Kids Shoes

Although I am sure a lot of us would just go barefoot if we could. Unfortunately most places just won’t let you do that! Ya know, it’s the whole, “No shoes, no shirt, no service!” thing. Not to mention who knows what’s on the floor in most places anymore.

So here’s the deal.. kids feet grow so darn fast. You feel like they get to wear a pair of shoes for no time at all and then they don’t fit anymore.

Here’s what I do.. first, they don’t need shoes when they are 3 months old. Save yourself the money and the headache. All they do it rip them off their feet, you put them back on, they rip them off. You get what I mean. Not to mention they are just too expensive! I started putting my son in shoes when he started actively crawling, pulling up and was closer to walking. I say this because when they start really scrawling they drag their little feet and it just tears up their toes. (Just socks didn’t really work for him for whatever reason.)

My son is a Clarks kid. I will say I have been fortunate that my Mamaw buys most of his Clarks shoes, she just can’t help herself with her great-grandbabies. However, I will tell you that while they can be pricey if you wait for sales it isn’t so bad. When they have sales we would usually get the pair he can wear now and then the next pair would be the following size up. Dylan will wear the HECK out of them. I mean, they are his everyday shoes he wears them to daycare and on the weekends. (This way you ensure you get your money out of them.)

The other pair of shoes that as a mom I swear by is Crocks the best part about these is that they are sooooo easy! For my son, he loves that he can just slip them on and go. He wears these when he just wants go outside for a minute or say we just need to run to the grocery. What he also loves is picking out his Crocks. They have Disney ones, Monster Truck ones and so on. With these also he wears them until they are nearly falling apart. His last pair you couldn’t even tell they had Monster Trucks on the sides anymore they had been worn so much.

Like I said before, kids shoes can be really expensive but to me paying the little extra to know he can get some really good wear out of them is worth it. I know Macee will be a Clarks and Crocks girl for sure! (And because it is impossible to completely pass up I am sure she will have a pair or two of cute little girly shoes. I mean can someone tell me why girls clothes and shoes are so freaking cute!?)

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