Why I started Blogging

In life I feel like you have to celebrate even the small achievements and for me, tomorrow makes one solid month of blogging! I thought today would be a perfect day to share with all of you why I started blogging in the first place.

If you haven’t had a chance yet you should read A Little More About Me. But, I will give you a small rundown – August 1st I lost my job and started staying home with the kids. Roughly a month into staying at home I had accepted what had happened with my job and started really embracing being at Stay at Home Mom, or so I thought.

For those of you who think it’s all glitz and glam I promise you it’s not! READ: The Diary of a Stay at Home Mom

The reason I say “or so I thought” is because after that month I found that I was starting to lose myself. Everything had become all clean house, laundry, grocery shop, take care of the baby, play with the kids. And OH MY GOODNESS the non-stop crying, it doesn’t ever end! (I will also add that currently my husband is working out-of-state. He has been gone since a little before August 1st. So it’s only me and the kids.)

This is when I started brainstorming and decided that blogging was a perfect idea. I could share my successes, failures, tips and ideas to hopefully help other families out there.

It’s given me something to do each day for me. I have enjoyed the support and community that comes with blogging! READ: Bad Moms for other ideas on things to do for yourself.

Happy Friday y’all!!!

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