Blue Rocking Chair

Some would say I have a high maintenance, needy or demanding baby and I would have said you’re right just a few weeks ago. As a mom I was at a total loss of why Macee’s behavior and demeanor seemed “over the top” in comparison.

At Macee’s six month check-up I asked her pediatrician about her crying and constant need for attention and to be held and he said to me, “She is who she is.” I was convinced it was because I am home with her or that I did something wrong. (I am the type of person to “blame” and look to myself first.) After reading a blog posted by Mommy the Banker and her Spirited Child I fell in love with the term. All children are different just as you and I. We all have different needs, yes needs. That doesn’t make my needs right and yours wrong, just like it doesn’t make my daughter wrong in how she acts. She is who she is.

So last night, she’s fed, dry, jammies on and in bed. A few months this would have been the end of it and she would have been fast asleep. Not lately, she doesn’t seem to want to be alone. She needs that contact and support to allow herself to fall asleep. So, she screams.. and screams. I mean blood curdling screaming where I’m pretty sure neighbors considering calling cops. (This is a day and night-time occurrence, she screams and cries through out the day if she’s not receiving full-time attention.) I decided to try something new, I sat down on the floor next to her she’s laying there crying looking at me. I’m talking real big alligator size tears. And yes, of course I am feeling terrible. But I am telling you I couldn’t do another night with her in bed with me. (Don’t judge, yes, there are times she ends up in bed with me because I can’t take it anymore.)

When she was a newborn my husband used to sing Old Blue Chair by Kenny Chesney to her all the time to get her to calm down. (He’s been working out-of-state since August so, he is not home to do this for her.) I picked up my phone and Googled it. I sat next to her on the floor and sang right along with Kenny. (Not near as good of course lol) Half way through the song she laid her head down and stopped crying. I played the song one more time and left it to Kenny.

I’m so relieved that she fell asleep. While this might not work every night, a huge thank you goes to Kenny and who ever wrote Old Blue Chair. I think I might need to invest in downloading it to my phone lol.

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  1. Try “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley…don’t know why but that song is also soothing. I love the song you mentioned by K. Chesney as well tho so sounds like you will be doing some singing lady! Spirited Children don’t “follow,” they lead….❤️

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