Wings Over Houston

On Saturday we all packed up in the car and headed to the Wings Over Houston Air Show. I personally have never been myself and was looking forward to it! The weather was pretty nice, we were lucky, there was a lot of could cover mixed in with some wind. Don’t get me wrong though, it was still warm. READ: Festivals

We got to Wings Over Houston at a little after 8am parked and unloaded. The grounds open at 7:30 however, the show didn’t truly start until around 10:30. We were able to walk around and look at all the old air craft.

This aircraft you were actually able to walk around inside. The pictures don’t do it any justice though, these babies are huge! I unfortunately did not get to snag any photos of the inside, and I am about to tell you why..

Funny Story:

We made it through security and walked in. They had this awesome little booth set up where you could take photo and they would make it look like you were flying an old plane. I picked up Macee so she could be in it too. The moment I picked her up it hits me – BAM she has probably the worst diaper ever. We quickly take the photo, I take a look around and of course they do not have a single place to change a baby. I mean come on, this is a family outing. Most people are here with families which of course includes kids and babies. I plop myself down on the ground, lay out her changing mat and get started. By the time I was done cleaning her she was stark naked. I go to put on her diaper and what does she do? She pees everywhere!

By this point my parents and Dylan had made it back from touring the plane.

And no kidding my mom is dying of laughter, tears were coming out and everything. Dylan is like “Mommy, Macee has poo poo everywhere!” And my dad is trying not to gag.

That’s real life right there y’all. #proudfamilymoment

Wings Over Houston the Show:

This was Dylan’s favorite moment of them all. The truck right below is called Shockwave. It is powered by not one, not two but three Westinghouse Jets. It is able to travel 376 miles per hour. Want to know more or where you can see Shockwave in action? READ:

During the show they also did a Pearl Harbor reenactment called Tora Tora Tora! I have to say this was probably my favorite part. The announcer did a fantastic job relaying what was taking place as it unfolded. The planes swooped all around, they had explosions going off to simulate when the United States was being attacked by the Japanese. The show had most of the crowd on their feet watching and lots of people were recording videos.

Shockwave – Wings Over Houston

Parenting Tip:

I will tell you, they do sell ear plugs and ear muffs there at the show. Of course, for a nominal fee. My recommendation is to stop somewhere before and pick some up if you don’t already have any. We made a quick stop at Wal-Mart before, I was able to find a small pair in the hunting section for Macee. (We already had some for Dylan.) They were a life saver! I couldn’t imagine trying to shove ear plugs into their ears and not have them mess with them or pull them out. The muffs were much easier and I’m sure they block out more noise too.

Food & Drinks:

Here’s the scoop, they do allow you to bring in food and drinks (non-alcoholic) into the show. The drinks had to be in clear containers and the food needed to be in clear bags. (Makes the security check much easier.) The night before I filled up one of my husbands protein mixers up with apple juice, and put whatever snacks I could think of in small plastics bags. Once I had that all packaged up I placed it inside one big gallon size bag.

Within about 20-30 minutes of sitting down waiting for things to start Dylan started with the “I’m hungry” business and the snack bag came to the rescue!

We did not buy any food there – we ended up leaving a little early and stopped somewhere on the way home. I did buy two large cherry lemonades at whopping $8 bucks a glass. Places like these are always expensive.

We had a good time, and would have stayed longer if the weather had been just a tad cooler so we would get to see the Thunderblot and Thunderbirds fly. Maybe next time!

That night Dylan was asleep before Macee, then Macee and lastly Mommy. The house was dark and everyone was out by 9! Haha, we were tired and it had been a long day.

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