Best Amazon Toy Purchase

Let Me Take You Back…

I remember it like it was yesterday, it was a few years ago, when I went to pick Dylan up from daycare. It was the first time when I walked in he looked disappointed that I was there. Talk about a dagger in the heart. I quickly learned it was because he did not want to quit playing with the building blocks they had there at daycare. They were little waffle looking blocks that you could connect together to make 3D objects.

I asked the teacher where she had gotten them. Which of course, she didn’t know where they had come from. Just my luck. So, I started searching online and came across the Little Tikes version although they seemed a little expensive and they weren’t quite the ones Dylan had been playing with.

The next day came and once again Dylan did not want to leave because I was interrupting his block playing time.

Waffle Blocks

Finally this mommy got smart and took my search to Amazon. Figuring if I was going to find anything close to like what he had at daycare Amazon was going to be the place to find it.

That’s when I came across These Waffle Blocks , they were “the” ones. You can get 100 pieces for $16 bucks, the Little Tikes ones for $16 you only get 60 pieces.


We have had these waffle blocks for a while now, he still plays with them. We have even gone back and purchased additional bags of them. He comes up with the most creative ways to build new things. This is why I would easily say it is the best Amazon toy purchase I have made.

I love my Amazon though, when my husband and I are looking for something particular we always check there first before buying it somewhere else. We usually find the prices to be a little lower and with Amazon Prime we usually get anything within 2 days. This is also how I buy my Vitamins that I have taken since finding out I was pregnant with Macee.

As parents we get suckered into buying all sorts of toys. But, these and his train tracks have by far been two of his favorites.

What toy is your little ones favorite? Christmas is right around the corner and would love to hear ideas.


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