Seashell Picture Frames

As a family nearly every summer we make our way to the Florida panhandle and spend about a week on the beach. We have been doing this since I was roughly 13 years old and it’s become a tradition. This year was a bit of an exception with all of the hurricane issues we have had here in Texas. READ: Hurricane Harvey

Over the years we have collected many seashells and they had just ended up in a big bucket in the garage. Seems silly but you always find handfuls of shells and think “Wow, this one is so cool. I need this one!” And so it comes home.

This year my mom and I decided it was time to do something with all of the shells we had collected. At Hobby Lobby we found some really neat cork picture frames and we were sold! Seashell picture frames was a perfect idea.

Here is the Making of Our Seashell Picture Frames

If You Want to Make One You Will Need:

  • Good Strong Glue (We used E6000 which can be purchased at any craft store or even Wal-Mart)
  • Your picture frames – keep in mind it needs to be a good surface to glue to. We ended up choosing the cork frames because it would look like sand behind the shells once they were glued down.
  • Shells of course!
  • A old sheet or news paper to lay down. (Some of our shells still had sand in them!)

Here was our “bucket” of shells (photo below) and this isn’t all that we had. This was from one year when waves had really washed out one section on the beach creating a shelf of sorts and when you dug into the shelf there were years worth of shells that had been covered by the sand. It was the best shell year for sure.

Shells Galore!
Making the Frames

We first started out by laying the shells down on the frames where we thought we would want them. It allowed us to make sure we fit them into each other nicely where you didn’t have too much cork showing.

Then we started to glue! This was the hardest part, we learned quickly to check and see where the shell was contacting the frame and then applied the glue there. The glue comes out pretty slow and your hands get tired fast from trying to squeeze it out. It honestly took me two days to glue mine all down.

And Ta-Dah!

Moms frame
My frame

I ended up with more shells on mine mostly because I kept find more and more in our stash that I thought just “needed” to be one there! Lol. We had fun making them though and we are both excited to hang them up! (If you do make one keep in mind they are heavy once complete so make sure you find the right hardware to hang them on a wall. Or, find a frame that doesn’t have to be hung.)

I’m sure in the coming beach trips we will find many more shells and have to find more crafty ideas!

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