Introducing the Bottle & Which One


A while back I shared with y’all The Truth About Breastfeeding – my breastfeeding story. Which, like most includes lots of ups/downs and struggles. My daughter is a little over 6 months old now and *knock on wood* we are still going strong. Yes, I do stay at home. (READ: The Diary of a Stay At Home Mom) Which does make this easier. I know a lot of moms have to return to work typically 12 weeks after having their little ones. This is when the struggle really beings. What bottle do I choose? How do I get my baby to take the bottle? How do I introduce the bottle?

Here is the answer to the first question.

What Bottle Do I Choose? Mam!

Mam makes bottlespacifiers, and sippy cups. The Mam Baby Product line is the one I found to work best for us. She took the pacifier no problems and that’s when I knew that their bottles would be the best choice.

One of the things I found the be the best about the Mam line is the self sterilization feature they have. The case the pacifiers come in you can use to sterilize them. You ad water to the fill line, close it and pop it in the microwave. The baby bottles, you fill the bottom to the fill line and do the same. The process of the steam inside and heat kills and sterilizes them. WOW right?

How Do I Introduce the Bottle?

This one is simple. I made the mistake of when I was first going to return to work (which didn’t end up happening as planned) I waited far too long to try and introduce the bottle to her. I would say personally learning from my own mistake that you should try introducing the bottle to your baby roughly a month or two before you plan to return to work. Giving the bottle to your baby at least twice a day.

Really, don’t make the same mistake I did and wait until 2 weeks before and expect it to go smoothly. Give yourself plenty of time and go slowly.

How Do I Get My Baby to Take the Bottle?

I think this topic seems to be the most challenging and frustrating for parents. I know it was for me! Macee turned her head a lot, cried and would simply seal her lips shut. She was taking a stand, and a strong one at that!

My first tip, don’t let it be you to give it the first few times mom. Your baby is used to one thing from you and that’s “Plain Jane” skin to skin feeding and when you try and convince your little one to take the bottle it usually doesn’t go over well. Get dad, or grandma, anyone at that point.

Make sure to watch some videos on Paced Bottle Feeding. This is the best way to ensure the same amount of breast milk still makes your baby feel full.

Mostly importantly remember to be patient. You are both learning something new and your baby is looking to you for how to feel.

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