Mom’s 10 Minute Make-Up Routine

As a mom I am lucky to even get 10 minutes to make myself look presentable before trying to rush out the door to get somewhere. And usually in those 10 minutes the baby is crying and I’ve told Dylan for the 5th time to put on his shoes. Oh, and “Dylan could you please help mommy and give Coco two scoops of food.”

Let me say – I don’t spend a ton on make-up. I buy a few things that you might consider “name brand” but everything else is whatever I find at your local drug store. Or better yet, what I find a coupon for. (Don’t judge) lol.

Mom’s 10 Minute Make-Up Routine

And 10 minutes is All I Have Time For!

(Heck that doesn’t even include finding something to do with my hair and throwing on some clothes!)

Step 1 – Dr. Jart+ BB Cream

This stuff is awesome! I got it last year for Christmas and haven’t used anything else since. I love it because I don’t feel like I am wearing a ton of make up but it covers nicely. It doesn’t hurt that it also has SPF 45 in it. It a must have for my Mom’s 10 Minute Make-Up Routine.

Step 2 – Lose Powder

This is not something you’ll find me in Ulta or Sephora for. I’m pretty sure what I’ve got is something I found at Walmart one time. It works great and has lasted me forever! If you like what you have keep using that! What I have is Airspun Loose Face Powder.

Step 3 – Bronzer!

This is a must have product for me. It’s not like I have the time and you would find me in a tanning booth. Or even getting to layout.

This is another one I buy whatever I find or think is pretty. What I’m using right now is So Baked Bronzer.

I apply this just right below my cheek bones in a sweeping type motion.

Step 4 – Blush

Be careful! Blush is something that’s so easy to go overboard with and BAM you look like a clown.

Right now I’m using the blush out of the IT Cosmetics Disk I bought a while back. This is the only thing I’m using out of it though. I’m not really all too sold on the bronzer or highlighter it has.

I apply this right above the bronzer I just applied before. Remember, not too much.

Step 5 – Highlighter

OMG – I wish I would have known about it sooner.

Becca – Champagne Pop was recommended to me by a previous co-worker and it is definitely worth the money. It gives you that angel like glow and after I definitely feel like I am Popping!

This ends up being like a blender for me. I use it to blend in the bronzer and blush so it doesn’t look like I have lines of make-up on.

Step 6 – Eye Brow Pencil

I have nonexistent eyebrows in my opinion. I hate them!

Buy a pencil in a color that blends well with your hair color. When I apply this I make small strokes where it appears like I’m trying to “drawl” in little hairs. Then, I take the end with the brush and brush them which helps blend the pencil in.

Oh, and I’m currently using L’Oreal Pencil.

Step 7 – Mascara (This is the last step, promise.)

Better Than Sex
Full Exposure

I have found that with mascara the biggest key is using more than one type. Take for instance I use Better Than Sex put out by Too Faced. I give that a minute to dry a little and then I come back with Full Exposure put out by Smashbox. Maybe I am just crazy to think using two different types makes a difference but I truly feel like it does.

Next time try it, do the usual one coat of your mascara and then go back and use a different one. And let me know what you think!

When 10 minutes is all you have, this is all you will need.

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