The Snuggle Is Real

I woke up this morning in the middle of my two kids, Dylan to my left and Macee to my right. It was a total Mommy sandwich!

Both of my kids like to snuggle snuggle snuggle. I mean it y’all, the snuggle is real!

The New “Norm”

Macee’s “new thing” is she usually will go to sleep initially just fine in her own bed but she always wakes up during the night at either 12, 2 or 4. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to her hour choice, she just does. This is when she refuses to go back to her own bed. And trust me, it’s not for a lack of my trying.

She is so darn stubborn and hard headed! I have no idea where she gets it from (cough cough) lol. But my goodness sleeping like that kills my whole body. Yes, I know I sound like an old lady. But it’s so true!!

When I roll out of bed (I really mean roll) and stand up I can feel it in my back in that moment. Dylan is a CRAZY sleeper, he kicks, swats, and usually ends up laying sideways in bed. And then I have Macee who doesn’t really move but I don’t allow myself to move of course so she stays safe.


If you haven’t read before: Old Blue Chair you should. There is an awesome reference to one of my favorite fellow bloggers Mommy The Banker and what it means to have a Spirited Child.

What to know if you have a Spirited Child? Scary Mommy – 8 Signs of a Spirited Child.

I know I usually don’t share many pictures of my kiddos.

But here is one of Macee and me.

Who doesn’t just love the Snapchat filters? Lol.

Me and Macee
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