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Long Distance is Hard


When I met my now husband in 2015 he was working safety in refineries and he still does. For those of you that aren’t familiar this type of job includes a lot of travel, most of the jobs he gets are where the main company he works for contracts out to another company or they win the bid over a job. What does that all mean? Most of our relationship has been “long distance” and y’all, long distance is hard. We have been fortunate that on and off he has had a few jobs closer to home during our relationship.


A few days before August 1st he left for the job he is still on now in Pennsylvania, it had been a while since he had been gone from home. August 2nd is when I returned to work from maternity leave and was let go. Needless to say, our home life has changed a lot in the last 2 months. Even in the last 6 months bringing home a new baby and all. READ: A Little More About Me

Long Distance is Hard

On an honest level, we struggled when we first started really dating trying to get to really know each other and learning one another with him being gone.

As for now, I’ve been lucky to be close with my family to give me some support! I have an awesome family. But this morning I had my first true breakdown. I’m talking big ‘ole ugly tears streaming down and everything.

No clue to what “got me” but it totally snuck up and grabbed me.

So, Macee and I got up, and went and got some breakfast together. (Which I hate eating “alone” or just with the kids. I feel like I people think it’s weird I’m alone with kids.) I shared with her, she loved the eggs, pancakes and biscuit!

Things We/I do to Make it “Easier”

  • Of course we talk everyday and text! That’s the easiest way to stay in contact with each other.
  • We FaceTime! This is the best! We both love it because he can see the kids and we can actually “see” each other. For those without FaceTime you can also use Skype.
  • Me – I try to get out of the house daily. It doesn’t really matter what it is I do but getting out helps me on an emotional level and keeps me from going crazy with the Stay at Home Mom portion of my life. READ: The Diary of a Stay At Home Mom and My Mommy Time Activities

What do you do to make it easier? How do you “cope” with the distance?

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