Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

My Junk Food Weakness

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

As a general rule the only chips I allow myself to buy are ones I plan to eat with sandwiches when I have them for lunch during the week. I try to avoid regular Cheetos, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and Fritos. They are all ones that I find myself back in the pantry an hour later grabbing another handful even though I’m not really hungry and I don’t really “need” them.

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are the worst for me though, when I buy a bag (Not a huge bag it’s more of a medium size, mainly because they don’t make big bags of them.) they don’t survive in the house more than 3-4 days! Oh, and if you can find the baked ones they are way better than the regular ones. They seem to be hotter and they supposedly have 50% less fat. Who knows though lol. And honestly.. when devouring Flamin’ Hot Cheetos calories and fat aren’t what’s on my mind. Hm.. maybe that’s the problem? 

I tell you all of this because I broke down… I was at Kroger, my favorite place to grocery shop, and I’m strolling and BAM there they are! Baked Flamin’ Hot Cheetos on an end cap. The next thing I know they are in my grocery basket, then at the check out, in the car and now in the pantry. I would have already eaten some but Flamin’ Hot Cheetos for breakfast might be a little frowned upon and it wouldn’t really go with my coffee. Seriously… try not to judge me. We all have weakness right? 

Do you have a junk food weakness? Maybe candy, cookies or something salty?


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  1. I’m a savoury girl so crisps are my weakness too! (Or chips in America) I am also a sweet girl unfortunately, so pretty much anything containing over 100 calories + a tonne of sugar is something I will be eating with no self control, haha!

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