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No Shave November

No Shave November – The Infamous Beard Season Is Arriving Tomorrow

Grow Baby Grow!

When Did it Start?

No Shave November started in 2009. On what social media platform you ask? Well Facebook of course! Originally it was founded as a web-based organization to raise awareness of cancer. I was surprised to learn that last year (2016) No Shave November began a partnership with the American Cancer Society. (Way to go!)

What Does it Mean?

It means you start out November with a clean fresh face and throughout the month you let it grow! The thought behind it, embracing the beard which most cancer patients would lose. When this first started the idea was that you would donate the money you would usually spend on grooming supplies (razors, or barber costs) to a cancer foundation. Although, I am not sure how many men actually do this. Or are even aware this is what was intended. Heck, I didn’t even know. 

Cancer Organizations:

There are so many different organizations that support the fight against cancer. Here are a few:

Again, this is only a few of the different organizations out there.

What Has Happened Since No Shave November Started

Over the last few years the desire for men to grow out their beards has become widely popular. Facial hair in general has become more accepted and the “norm”. Work places used to request that men were clean-shaven and for most shaving was a part of their every morning routine.

There are still companies that have guidelines on facial hair just as they have guidelines on hair color and style.

Today there are several companies that have started that sell products just for beards. Beard conditioner, shaping balm, stuff to make it grow quicker or better, even special brushes and combs.

Beard Kit from Beardsman’s

Now Ladies

What do y’all think about No Shave November?

Me, I grew up around men with beards nearly all my life and honestly prefer when men have beards. I’m not talking about like Duck Dynasty type beards, just normal ones. They were kept clean and not too crazy. Although, that doesn’t mean that I mind larger beards. I just don’t think every man can pull off the style. Just like every man can’t pull off a shaved head.


Here are a few bearded men for your viewing pleasure.


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