My Goal for Today

Okay, seriously don’t laugh.

My Goal for Today Was for it to be a Tear Free Day!

As I have mentioned many times in the past, my daughter is a very Spirited baby. Which a lot of the time is just equivalent to lots of fussing and tears throughout the day. I typically can’t go to the restroom, make a sandwich or clean a dish without the water works ensuing. READ: The Snuggle Is Real – A Mommy Sandwich Kind of Morning and Blue Rocking Chair

So, today when I woke up I made a goal. Which many would probably find silly. But that was to just have a day where she did not have a full blow breakdown.

Seriously, I don’t believe I can remember the last time the house wasn’t filled with screaming and crying. It’s not that I intend for it to sound like I abuse children in my house it just unfolds that way. If I did what my daughter wanted all the time the house would look like a total pig pin and I would be an emotional mess myself. ( I personally can’t function when everything seems like chaos around me. I have to feel like I accomplished something in my day. )

Today was a totally mommy win!!

We didn’t shed any tears, she took both 2 hour naps like a champ and is soundly asleep in her bed. I really couldn’t ask for more! I promise I am not bragging, who knows the next time I will have a day like today. And, if I have learned one thing with what to expect with a Spirited baby.. it is to expect the unexpected and to definitely celebrate even the smallest of victories! I never know what our day is going to look like. Good? Bad? Or, horrible?

What Mommy wins are you celebrating today? I would love to celebrate with you!

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