Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony, Murder?

It’s insane to believe that after 9 years there are still new TV programs being aired about Casey Anthony and whether or not she killed or had anything to do with her 2-year-old daughters death.

Today I found myself glued to a Dateline NBC program with her parents and where they are now.

Here’s What I Think..

As a mother myself there are is one thing that really bothers me every time I watch anything about Casey Anthony. And that is that after 31 days of what she claims her daughter being “missing” and then later that the “nanny” took her that she never once called 911. It was her mother that made the first call to 911. (It was later discovered that the nanny did not exist.)

If either of my children were to go missing 911 would be my very first call and it would be an immediate phone call. Not something that I did weeks, days, hours or even minutes later.

Then that she lied about where she was during those 31 days, she was not in fact working a job she was partying it up! Living the life and acting as though she didn’t have a child.

I know we shouldn’t judge how others handle situations. (READ: My Sobering Moment – Sometimes We Need That Reality Check) But, if my child were missing you’d find me knocking on doors, hanging flyers, constantly getting in front of any news channel I could. And at night, in a puddle of tears until I found my baby. I just couldn’t imagine partying and having the time of my life.

Oh gosh, and don’t get me started on the fact that she’s pointing a finger of blame at her dad. It’s like come on sister, a jury found you “innocent” there’s no need to point at someone now.

In Conclusion

I can’t say that I think she intentionally killed her daughter, or that it may be possible she isn’t mentally sound. What I feel in my gut is that she certainly knows what ever it is that happened to her.

What do y’all think?

May you Rest In Peace you beautiful little angel.

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2 thoughts on “Casey Anthony

  1. Ugh that’s a tough question isn’t it. I wish I knew what happened to that poor little girl. Sometimes I do believe it was an accident covered up to protect Casey who was probably a bit of a negligent parent who couldn’t make choices for herself without her parents. I don’t think it was a murder where she wanted her daughter gone the way the media sensationalized it. Unfortunately the media was way too involved and distorting facts didn’t help anyone figure out the truth. May have to add it to the list of poor little ones like Jon Benet Ramsey where we may never know the truth.

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