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At The Beach – Bath & Body Works Review

Bath and Body works has several different lotions and body scrubs that leave your skin feeling nice and soft. I recently wrote a review on their Almond & Vanilla line and scent that I am obsessed with!

At The Beach

Today our high was 85, nice and balmy like. Which is typical Texas weather and after living here since I was born you think I would be used to it. But, I’m not. So, since it was nice and warm I decided that I would try out my new Bath and Body Works scent At The Beach. When I purchased the scent I got the lotion, cream, fragrance mist, body scrub and body cream.

The Scent

At The Beach describes this scent perfectly. It reminds you entirely of the beach, the coconut smell reminds me of suntan lotion and waves. It is definitely one I could see myself using all throughout the summer time and easily to the end of September. (Don’t judge me that it’s November and I smell like the beach haha.)

At The Beach Body Scrub

Okay, this has to be one of my favorite body scrubs they have right now. It reminds me of the one they used to have in the Spa line. It comes out whipped like in consistency which made think it would take a lot to cover my legs, but it works great! The scrub has actual sand in it which acts as a natural exfoliant. The moment I rinsed it off I could feel the difference in my skin.

Body Cream/Lotion

Today I used the At The Beach Body Cream since it is winter time and my skin tends to dry out quicker. Like all of the other body creams it goes on smooth and left my skin feeling nice and smooth. The combination of the Body Scrub and Body Cream is a winner!

At The Beach Fragrance Mist

Personally when I use a certain scent in the shower followed by the lotion or cream I don’t mix that with a different perfume. That’s why when I purchase a line at Bath and Body works I always buy the fragrance mist they usually always have with their scents. I spray a little and toss the bottle in my purse or diaper backpack so I can freshen up later.

What is your favorite Bath and Body Works scent?

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