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Blue Bell Pink Camo ‘n Cream Review

Yes, I am a Blue Bell girl through and through.

If I’m going to buy ice-cream it’s the brand I go for! Who doesn’t just love the creamy goodness?

So Friday I went grocery shopping for my normal groceries (gotta get my Friday Freebie) plus I was shopping for Dylan’s birthday party coming up. (READ: Birthday Party $$ Saving Ideas) My cart was pretty much to the top lol. I was on the “frozen novelties” isle because I’m making some dip for the fruit tray and needed some Cool Whip. I couldn’t help myself, when I turned around right behind me was all of the ice-cream. That’s when the Pink Camo ‘n Cream caught my eye. The container is pink and brown camo. The shapes that make up the camouflage is the Blue Bell cow and the little girl Blue Bell always has on the front of the container. (So cute!)

What is Pink Camo ‘n Cream?

The flavor is made up of strawberry, chocolate and cream cheese ice-cream swirled together. The strawberry ice-cream actually has chunks of strawberries in it just like the normal strawberry ice-cream Blue Bell sells. It’s not that iky jelly, syrupy type stuff they usually swirl in that I am clearly not a fan of. The flavors are in chunky sections but you can easily take your spoon and just scrape in a line. You would end up with a little of each flavor on your spoon. Yum!

My Favorite Flavors

Okay, on a real level.. I can’t pick just one flavor I like. It really depends on what I am in the mood for. I love just classic Vanilla Bean, but sometimes I like the extra creaminess that Homemade Vanilla gives. Oh but, then there’s Banana Split (OMG!) but I also really like Cookies ‘n Cream, Brides Cake (this one is newer, if you haven’t tried it, you must) Rocky Road is also the! And of course now, Pink Camo ‘n Cream is on the list.

What is your favorite Blue Bell ice-cream? 

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