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Y’all It’s November

Today is November 7th.

We are 7 days into November, 4 days away from my sons birthday party, 13 away from his actual birthday, 16 days away from Thanksgiving and in 24 days it will be December. Then before you know it, it will be Christmas and then 2018! I say all of this because outside.. it is going to get to 84 degrees today! 84, that’s 6 degrees away from 90. And…

Y’all It’s November!

I know there are people getting inches and feet of snow wishing they were in a warmer climate but, not this girl! We had about a week or so of nice cool weather where I could leave my windows open 24/7 now, the past week or so has been humid, warm and a few days of down right hot. I am ready for some true fall weather.

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