Yet Another Doctors Appointment

I feel like the past month or so I have lived in doctors offices … a few days ago Macee started with the runny nose, eyes so gunky that they were glued shut. Then came the fever.. what does all of this mean?

Yes, Yet Another Doctors Appointment

Macee and I are sitting in the waiting room.. ya know, waiting to get called back. The nurse comes out, the same nurse that always calls us back.

Nurse: “Macee.”

We get up and starting walking back.

Nurse: “Back again huh?”

I was baffled. I wanted to say, “Hey lady, I’m not crazy! I have two kids, it’s fall, that time of the year that everyone seems to come down with something!” “Is this what you would to say to the mom of 3 or more that is in here more than myself?” No, I didn’t say anything to her.

We have had 2 appointments for Macee, one was an ear infection, then upper respiratory thing and of course she had a 6 month check-up in there. Dylan had an ear infection also and he’s coming up on his 5 year old check-up. 

Then her doctor comes in..

Mind you I adore our family pediatrician. Dylan has been going to him since he was a baby and I couldn’t imagine using someone else. While I am explaining what’s been going on he starts checking her out while we chit chat.

He says, “Oh, and there it is! She has an ear infection in her right ear.”

Oh Joy.

I wanted to march out of that office and tell the nurse, “She has an ear infection missy! I’m not some crazy mom with Munchausen or something. Thank you very much!” Again, no I didn’t do this of course, it’s just what I wanted to do.

I love this time of the year but what’s a momma gotta do to catch a break?! Lol.

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