A Spider-Man Party Fit for my Spider-Man King 🤴

What was I doing at 5:30 this morning?

Wrestling toys out of their boxes so Dylan could start playing with them, of course!!

Yesterday was a blur for mommy, from the moment we got up we were in full party swing. Getting ice, decorating, blowing up balloons, cutting fruit and veggies for snacks and running around like crazy people.

All in all it was a total success. Most importantly Dylan had a blast and was completely passed out by 8pm lol.

Here are some Spider-Man party pictures:


Okay, so this Spider-Man balloon was a must for me. When I saw him I was like um, yes!! He was perfect for the sidewalk leading up to the house. Some of the kids even took pictures with him.

The balloons in the background are plain black and blue. The red ones do have Spider-Man on them.


We set up Dylan’s soccer nets to give the kids some options of activities. And of course there in the back is the bouncy house! The bouncy house was Dylan’s only request for his birthday, he lived in it from the moment they dropped it off until they picked it up.

The bouncy house is even what determined the location of his party.


Mmmmm Cupcakes! I ended up baking them myself, red for Spider-Man of course and white because chocolate just doesn’t “go” with red velvet. Everyone seemed to enjoy them. We ended up with 48 cupcakes that cost a whopping 16 bucks at the most.


These little chalkboard were a last-minute purchase. I thought they were perfect to label where drinks were and ice. (Ice picture not included). They were like 2 bucks a piece at Wal-Mart.

You can wipe them and write different things. Plus you can reuse them for other parties.

Inside we had a black and red table covers for where snacks were and some Spider-Man confetti on the tables. For drinks we had some soda, water, sweet tea and some Kool-Aid for the kiddos!

I didn’t get to snag many pictures of the inside because people started showing up within moments of me finishing setting up.

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