You’re Gonna Miss This


Dylan stayed home with a stomach bug. Upset stomach, throw up and fever. He woke up from nap on Sunday afternoon (he doesn’t ever nap) crying, came up to me wanted to hold my hand, and walk with him to go potty.

I knew we were in trouble.

Macee is still on antibiotics for her ear infection which has her tummy messed up too.

There are dirty clothes everywhere, dishes in the sink, bed hasn’t been made in days.. these last few days have been a total blur.

All I want is some normalcy back in our life. My poor babies and I can’t handle much more. Lol.

All of this was enough to make this Mommy feel like I was losing all control and we were spinning in a downward spiral.

Then I have one of those sobering moments when Macee is cuddled up next to me and Dylan is quietly snoring that moment reminds me that there will come a day they don’t want to lay with Mommy. I know, I will miss these days. Messy house and all.


This is probably one of my poorest crafted blogs yet. But it’s to remind all you Moms and Dads you are doing awesome! Keep your chins up. Sometimes I find we just need someone to remind us. Even if it’s a complete stranger.

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