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Our Story

My sweet Coco turned 6 this past May. She is still super energetic and full of life. It wasn’t but just 4 years or so ago that Coco suffered from severe hot spots on her tummy area. We tried different types of dog food and struggled finding one that seemed to help clear it up. Not long into this adventure we tried Blue Buffalo. I will admit it did work. However, the price for Blue Buffalo is rather on the expensive side. It’s not that I “mind” getting her what she needs but gosh, she’s an 80 pound lab and could easily eat me out of house and home. I was explaining the situation with a previous coworker who mentioned she buys her dog food from one of our local feed stores.

After just a few weeks we were sold! Victor, it was a life saver and the best dog food.

Upfront and Honest

First off let me be clear, no, I am not making money off of this blog and it is not my intention. I am hoping to help other fur-mommies and daddies out there who may be struggling to find a solution for their fur-baby.

Pros of Victor Dog Food:

  • I love that Victor is made in the USA, here in Texas. You don’t find many products anymore made here.
  • There are no artificial preservatives in Victor. They use plant-based.
  • For us the biggest pro is that they do not contain wheat, soy or corn. Just from my own process of elimination I found these were the main causes of Coco’s hotspots.

What We Use

Victor has different types of dog food that focus on different activity levels and age of dog. They also have products for cats and horses. We ended up choosing Victor Performance with added Glucosamine for Joint Support. Labs are prone to having joint issues and this particular bag is also aimed for those dogs that are more active. Coco can be really crazy and spastic with her energy so this was a natural choice for us. We buy the 40 pound bag it runs us about 44 dollars. To compare and be fair, the closest I could find that also includes the added vitamins with Blue Buffalo is a 30 pound bag that runs you about 50 bucks.

Here is a photo of what we use. I hope you enjoyed this blog.


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  1. Aww’r I’m so glad you got her back on the straight and narrow.. They say that hot spots are caused mainly by your dog’s diet – I think it’s the grain or wheat content that encourages the hot spots. There’s nothing worse than having a poorly fur-baby, I’m so glad you’ve found something that suits her. (:

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