My Current Obsession

So I’m usually not one to follow fads. Ya know run out to buy this or that from something a friend has or that I saw on Facebook.


After seeing PopSockets from friends, Facebook and in stores and I couldn’t fight the desire any longer. I had to buy one. They aren’t terribly expensive, I bought mine for like 10 bucks.

Before I would reset my phone on my pinky which would leave a rough kinda dry spot right where it sat.


  • You can use it to prop your phone up.
  • Of course the immediate given, that you can use it to slide in between fingers to hold your phone.
  • If you purchase the “stand” piece you are able to adhere that in the car and such to secure your phone. I put mine on the stroller so it makes my phone easily accessible.
  • I have seen people use it to wrap headphones around.
  • It’s like a built-in fidget gadget lol. Seriously I find myself messing with it, spinning it and so on. 😂
  • And now my poor pinky isn’t so abused lol.


  • You can not reuse it once it’s been stuck.
  • You can not move it. So be sure to make sure you put it right where you want it.

Okay, that’s really all I can think of.

To purchase, I’ve seen them in the mall, Target and of course Amazon!

Here is the infamous PopSocket! This isn’t where I placed mine, but, you get the idea.

This photo is showing two PopSockets to wrap headphones. However, I don’t think you truly need two to wrap your headphones.

On the dashboard is the stand piece I was talking about before. Sometimes you can find a PopSocket that comes with one. Or you can buy it separate.

Anyone else bought a PopSocket yet? Love it? Hate it?

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