Black Friday

Do You Black Friday Shop?!

I remember when Black Friday truly started on Friday at like 2 or 3am and we would wake up crazy early and go! Now, some of the “Black Friday” deals really start on Thursday at like 6pm. Heck, I know there are still some families eating or spending time together in the evening time.

For that matter, there are some companies that have already started their sales and they don’t end until Black Friday. Crazy!

To me, it takes some of the fun out of it. Getting up super early and getting out to get deals was the fun and exciting part for me.

This Year:

This Black Friday the Hubbs and I will get out in some of the madness in hopes to tackle a little Christmas shopping and just spend some time together.

On a every exciting side note, after nearly four months my husband comes home tomorrow from Pennsylvania for 5 days!! Needless to say the kiddos and I couldn’t be more excited. READ: Long Distance is Hard – What No One Tells You About it

His main concerns of course are getting in eating some Mexican food a few times, Whataburger since they don’t have many/any up North, spending as much time as possible with family and doing whatever his wife wants! (Hahaha totally kidding.)


Anyway.. so, do you Black Friday shop? Or are you more of a Cyber Monday shopper? Better yet, do you already have your shopping done? (I wish I was that put together. I seriously don’t think I have one item for a single person.)

Anyone know of any deals they want to share? I am all about saving any money I can. The more you save, the more you can buy lol.


Be safe everyone, it’s that time of the year the crazies tend to come out of the woodwork.

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