Miss Me?

Dear Blogging Family,

For those of you who actively read my blog my apologies. My husband came home on Wednesday morning after being gone nearly 4 months. (READ: Long Distance is Hard) I did sneak in a little post on Thanksgiving if you were able to read.

Yesterday we all four got out and went Christmas tree shopping! This is my second year to get a real tree and I must say, they really smell amazing. I plan to get a candle that smells like tree the next time I am at the store. It makes me think of the holidays even more than pumpkin spice haha.

Here’s Our Tree

I’m totally in love with it.

Our Wreath

This wasn’t a planned purchase, Dylan saw them at the tree farm and insisted we needed a wreath because it had a red bow!


Christmas is one of my most favorite times of the year, I’m the type to turn on Christmas music the moment Thanksgiving passes, the tree goes up as soon as possible and it doesn’t come down until right after the new year.

I missed blogging these past few days. I hope y’all enjoyed your Thanksgiving and any Black Friday shopping you might have done.



P.S. What’s your favorite time of year?

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