Easy Christmas Morning Breakfast

Christmas morning has always brought lots of excitement into the air. I always without fail wake up way too early and find myself looking at the clock. Fortunately for me, my parents are similar. I either get a phone call or text message saying we can come over anytime! By then Dylan is chomping at the bit to go!

We have gotten smart over the years and we know to either prepare something the night before to go in the oven or something easily whipped up for breakfast. Because once all the gifts are opened everyone is hungry from all that hard work. Lol.

One of my favorite breakfasts we have done over the years is our cinnamon roll Christmas Tree!

All You Need for This Easy Christmas Morning Breakfast is:

2 – 8 count rolls of your favorite cinnamon rolls

A small container of red and green sprinkles

Of course you will also need a cookie sheet, some non-stick cooking spray and your oven!

You arrange them in a tree pattern, and follow the same cooking instructions you find on the side of the roll.

Once you take them out and cool just a tad, you ice and sprinkle them.

There you have it, a cinnamon roll Christmas tree!

It’s easy, yummy, fun and festive!

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