Peppermint Coffee

As I have mentioned many times in the past, I can’t live without my coffee! Throughout most of year my go to is coffee-mate hazelnut, and trust me, it’s delicious! I can’t drink it like my husband, he drinks it black most of the time. Ew!

Christmas time brings out the Hickory Farms booths in the mall. Which means, it brings their super creamy dome shaped peppermints/snow mints. They are the ones that really just melt in your mouth.

Or, better yet, melt in your coffee!

Here’s how:

(Starting at the top left, then right, then down.)

For the cup size I use I dropped about 3-4 little peppermints in there. It gave just the right amount of taste without it being too much. Sometimes I find too that it leaves little bits of the peppermint on top.

I love doing this during Christmas time, it’s like Christmas in a cup!

What special Christmas time things do you do to your coffee?

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