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Most Memorable Christmas

There are bits and pieces I remember of my childhood. Some memories are vivid while others I think I remember because family has told me about them so many times.

There’s one Christmas though that I truly remember and even typing this out now I can visualize that morning like it was yesterday.

Christmas of 1999

It was me, my brother, mom and dad, and grandmother were all unwrapping presents. There were two gifts one for me and one for my brother. We were instructed they were for last and we had to open them together.

Once we finally got down to that last gifts we were both so eager to see what it was. They were two small boxes, the kind you would find maybe a bracelet inside. We both started to unwrap them. Inside the box was a typed out note. Together we read them out loud, they said, “You have 10 minutes to pack your bags and be in the car. We are going to DISNEY WORLD!” We threw down the boxes and went to race to our rooms.

Our parents stopped us to tell us they had already packed our bags for us and that all we needed to do was get in the car.

We hugged and kissed Mamaw goodbye and raced to the car.

Growing up anytime we went on any family vacations we always drove to our destination. Have you ever heard the saying, “Life isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey.”? Disney World was a blast, but the drive was just as memorable.

We ended up spending New Years there also, it rained. We sat on the streets of Disney World watching the fireworks in our ponchos while they played 1999 by Prince. Ya know, “We’re gonna party like it’s 1999!”

What Christmas memories do you have? Is there a certain Christmas you remember most?

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