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Nothing screams Christmas to me more than snow. Since I live in South Texas it’s needless to say it really doesn’t snow here. It’s once in a blue moon as they say. I know there are plenty of people who live in snowy states who wish they lived beach side or something. I can say though, if it weren’t for my sons father, Texas wouldn’t be my first choice. READ: I Bought My Ex-Husband a Christmas Gift

Over the past few days the “all-knowing” meteorologists have been saying that Thursday going into early Friday morning there was a chance we would see snow in southern parts of Texas. Well last night around 7:15pm I could see little snow flurries falling under the lights out in the yard. I grabbed up Dylan threw on a jacket, gloves and a hat and carried him outside. This is the first time he has seen snow and he was beyond excited. So was I!

His exact words were, “Mommy what is that stuff?” 

Followed by an adorable squeal of excitement. 

I woke up last night around 1am to find that it was actually starting to stick to the ground, cars and trees! I put on warm clothes and while the kids slept I was busy taking pictures in the front yard.

Now I know it isn’t much to some, but I just had to share this as my blog today.

I apologize in advance for my lame snowman. Lol.

My little snowman!
A baby pine tree!
A sea of baby pine trees.
The truck is covered!

Hope you enjoyed my snow pictures!

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