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Fun Christmas Party Game

Last night the kiddos and I went to our neighbors Friendsmas get together. Everyone brought a snack/finger food. I decided to make pigs in a blanket. And who doesn’t like little sausages wrapped up in crescent rolls? Yum.

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This was my first round of pigs that came out of the oven. And I may or may not have stollen one or two in the cooking process. Lol.

The Game

Shortly after the first round of grazing began we all sat down to start The Saran Wrap Ball Game.

It’s quite literally a ball made of saran wrap with gifts throughout the different layers of saran wrap. If you unwrap a gift in one of the layers you get to keep it. Each person that plays pitches in five bucks. If you win by being the one to unwrap the middle you win the cash.

One person starts unwrapping the next person rolls two dice until they get two doubles, once they roll two doubles the ball gets passed to them and so on.

It was really a blast! Dylan even got to play and he really got into it.

Everyone was laughing, smiling and enjoying themselves.

Dylan playing!

What Christmas Party games do you enjoy?

On a side note: Macee turns 8 months old today. How is this possible?! Please stop growing babies!

And here are a few pictures from our Christmas parade yesterday. READ: Festivals

I just loved this picture and wanted to share it with y’all.
Dylan catching candy at the parade.
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