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What day is it, what day is it?!

Cocoa Day!!

(And Hump Day too. Lol.)

I woke up this morning and it was 32 outside which makes this National Day even more exciting to celebrate.

Today is National Cocoa Day. If you’re like me, your cocoa has to have a few mini marshmallows sprinkled on top! Okay, maybe a few more than just a few. Lol.

It’s the child within me!

This morning I stopped at the store on the way home to get some Cocoa mix (as you can see I ended up choosing Nestle mix ), marshmallows and milk! I make my Cocoa with milk, it tastes soooo much better.

Do you make yours with milk or water?

Want to celebrate with me? Fix up your cup…

Yes, that’s really me. Sorry for the crazy hair! Haha. #momlife


Yesterday we celebrated¬†Gingerbread House Day and on the 9th we celebrated¬†National Pastry Day. December is full of all of these random but festive little holidays. It’s like gearing us up for Christmas!

Everyone, have a Wonderful Wednesday and thank you for stopping by!

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