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My Favorite Part of Christmas Since Becoming a Mom

As children we love Christmas time mainly because we get gifts and we get time off of school.

I know for my son either of those would make him happy. He definitely gets more and more excited as the gifts under the tree build. Each gift I add he inquires, “Who is this one for Mommy?” READ: I Bought My Ex-Husband a Christmas Gift

And while he isn’t in “big school” yet there isn’t a day that goes by that he isn’t chomping at the bit to stay home. “Mommy I think I need to stay home, I may cough at school today.” (After he coughed once!) Lol. I’m sure you have been there before, or maybe your little one is still too little to pull that. But, I promise it’s coming! I’ve heard the story a dozen times about when I was little I asked my mom, “What can hurt that you can’t see” this was after trying “I have a fever” and realizing she could just take my temperature. All so I could stay home with mom for the day.

So here it is…

My Favorite Part of Christmas Since Becoming a Mom..

I would have to say by far, it’s getting to be Santa! Getting to shop for what you know they really want, getting to set it all out late at night or early in the morning before they wake up. Of course, getting to eat a cookie or two with a swig of milk to chase it down. And mostly, getting to see their face when Christmas morning comes and they see it all. That is after being woken up at some crazy early hour with them informing you, “Mommy, it’s Christmas!!!!”

What is your favorite part of Christmas? What are you looking forward to most of all? 

Happy Thursday everyone, it’s almost Friday. You are one day closer to the weekend!

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